Our bread

Being a small bakery we usually carry 4 or 5 types of bread daily with twice the range at the weekend. We use a variety of British, French and Yorkshire Flours, some even sourced within walking distance.

The ethos of the Angel’s Share is to showcase the baking processes with our customers.

We begin bread making at midday by mixing our own speciality flours and improvers according to our recipes. The breads are weighed and shaped by hand and are proved slowly in a retarder for at least 18 hours. During this slow process the texture and flavour develop along with the dough giving, in our opinion, a superior loaf.

The following morning that bread is baked in the oven at 8 am fresh from the tin and ready for our customers.

From our range of breads our most popular are:


Our most requested loaf is a mixture of wholemeal, white and rye flour. It is topped with linseeds, has a lovely nutty flavour and keeps very well.


This bread is a mixture of mainly wholemeal with a touch of white flour blended with local buttermilk and water to give it a lovely moistness, similar to Irish Soda bread. For texture we add pine kernels, sunflower seeds and an oat topping. Brompton is delicious with local cheeses.


A mainly white flour loaf with a good measure of rye, cracked wheat oats and a crusty polenta top for added bite.


The Wellness is actually a white loaf with goodness added. Containing  sunflower seeds, linseeds, cracked wheat and safflower oil the bread is finished with sesame seeds.


We were surprised to be contacted by Britain's Best Bakery to apply for the programme and delighted to be chosen to take part as one of 60 bakeries from all over Britain. We had a fantastic time meeting other like minded bakers and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges as well as the locations we visited. We were thrilled to become finalists.

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