Meet the Angel's Share Bakers...




Alex's knowledge of all things food has been gleaned from a variety of positions as chef, outside caterer, deli owner and baker. She is self taught and constantly upgrades her skills as she sees baking as a craft which can take a lifetime to perfect. Her specialities are patisserie and pastry work. She produces all the traiteur items with a Mediterranean theme. She takes inspiration from various influences such as the weather, travel or foods & tastes that appeal to her that she wishes to share with her customers.




Di trained as a baker in her hometown of Hawes in beautiful Wensleydale. With over 20 years experience she is our renowned bread maker. We have been delighted to have her work at the Angels' Share since 2009. Di introduces original flavours into the breads often acting on impulse to take advantage of the stunning local and seasonal ingredients. Di makes many of the bakery's regional specialities as well as a range of biscuits and shortbreads.



Savories and Pastry Work

The duo are supported by Gill, Alex’s mother. From being an inspirational home cook Gill became a cookery demonstrator and outside caterer who has passed on all her secrets to Alex and Angel's Share. Her knowledge and experience has been vital to many of the bakery's successful recipes. Gill's creation of Cumberland, Ham, Sage and Apple Pie won the bakery section of the Waitrose Small Producers Awards, in 2007.

Our Influences and Bakery Ethos

Our aim is to give our customers a taste of the very best of Yorkshire with the occasional continental twist.

At the bakery we produce a wide range of breads, patisserie and local specialities. We use family recipes passed down the generations as well as those we have created since opening.

Our products are all made using the very best of ingredients without added preservatives. We take the greatest pride in hand making all our pastry, biscuits and breads.

We use free-range eggs. Our local cream, milk and butter is delivered daily by a real milkman.  Our meats come from Bedale sourced from Yorkshire Farms. Wherever possible we champion our local suppliers.

To enjoy our baking at its very best it should be eaten within a day or two. Our breads will keep very well. To store place the loaf cut side down in a bag and wrap well. They also freeze very successfully.